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“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of others.” - Norman Shidle.

Who is your Village of Rycroft Library Board?

Petrina Beale – Chair – We have been in Rycroft since 2015, and it is growing on becoming home. I always seem to be busy doing something and have several things on the go, at times I feel I am always working but if you love what you do it is work? In my spare time I like getting my bucket filled by my three grand daughters – they are my heart. I joined the board as I was new to Rycroft and I thought it was a way to meet people and learn about our community. I never realized I would become part of an amazing team that continue to create a change with positive growth, and advocating for the needs of our community. If you want to talk about something you’d like offered at the library, come and talk to me - let’s have a conversation 

Steve Everitt – Treasurer – Born in England and came to Canada in '69, having numerous jobs have probably given me a well-rounded worldly education. Underground miner, construction supervisor, metal inspector and analytical lab technician among others. My love and passion for libraries began at home with our own family's library and has never ended…I still read a lot and learn something new everyday. Steve is the treasure in our library.

Samantha Little – Vice Chair – I grew up in Rycroft and now live in Spirit River. I spent lots of time at the library as a kid, and now I get to bring my kids there. I joined the library board in 2023 to give back to the library that became my community when I became a mom. My goal on the board is to help make the library a safe, welcoming place for anyone searching for community and connection. Samantha brings adventure back to the library, with her being a young mom she brings those needs into focus where her compassion shines  

Connie Everitt

Janet Sinkwich

Jean Fields

Tabitha Janzen

Elan Blandin

Monique Lindeque – Becoming a mom might have changed some big aspects of my life but my love of books remains and I am grateful and proud to be a part of this library and the community it serves. Monique joined the board after deciding not to go back to work as our librarian, she brings her genuine heart to the table.

Roxann Dreger

2024 meetings are scheduled for 5:30 pm at the Rycroft Community Library 

For confirmation of meeting date/time, zoom link, joining the library board or volunteering at the library either contact the

Library Manager at (780) 765-3973 

or by email to

Village of Rycroft Library Board at

The board application letter can be found here.