History of the Library

The Rycroft Municipal Library although a small village library has now entered its 57th year of existence at time of this writing. It's continued success is absolutely due to the passion and work of its many volunteers over the years.


The library began its journey with a presentation in October of 1965 by Amy Fontaine to the Village Council along with the 34 signatures from residents to ask that a library be created.


On Nov 9th  1965 the Village Council passed By-Law #226 by reading it for the final time thereby officially creating the Rycroft Municipal Library on this date.


The first board was appointed comprising of Mrs. Amy Fontaine, Mrs. Maxine Gripich, Mrs. Muriel Reiger and Mrs. Winnifred Wagar. The council liaison appointed to this board was Mr. Steve Lazoruk.  These ladies were congratulated for all their efforts in bringing about the formation of this long awaited service to the community. In a telephone conversation with Mrs. Maxine Gripich in 2019 she said that the first librarian was Amy Fontaine and the library was open two days a week. It was housed in the New Civic Administration Building.


The Village Council granted the fledgling library $500 for 1966 and whatever the board used to purchase books was matched by the Provincial Government.


The “Little Library That Could” was born.